Non-bank loans – verification in half an hour

Cash loans are one of the most popular financial products, and at the same time a great way to make up for shortcomings in your portfolio.

Every year, thousands of people take them, although recently they are increasingly giving up the services of banks, choosing one of the numerous institutions and non-banking companies.

Loans without bikes, indisputable advantages


This is, among others, because a large proportion of clients have a problem with paying off other receivables, which resulted in their inclusion in debtors’ registers, e.g. in BIK.

Banks always check such entries, which usually mean a refusal to grant a loan. Loans without a loan are the solution, and the companies granting them have limited the verification procedure, going hand in hand for those in debt.

The loan is available almost everywhere

The loan is available almost everywhere

Loans without credit, or payday loans are the fastest way to get the cash you need without any unnecessary formalities. The offices of loan companies ensure that they will take up to a few minutes to complete, and the transfer of funds to the account in the event of approval is carried out the same day.

You do not need to prove your positive credit history and submit employment or monthly income statements when completing the application.

The terms of the contract will be sent to the customer’s email address


The form can be completed in one of the offices or more conveniently online, on the website of the selected company. It will take about half an hour to process it and the terms of the contract will be sent to the customer’s email address. It is worth to read them so that after signing you can be sure that we know when to pay the whole amount.

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